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Our Team


Brig. Gen. John Mugyenyi( Rtd)

Uganda is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, there’s a rapid growth of infrastructure and we are proud to be part of this growth. The real estate sector has been at forefront of our investment strategy as we developed our businesses in line with the growth and increasing prosperity of Uganda’s economy.

I get to think strategically to help drive initiatives and leadership for our company, our clientele, and our partners.

The highest reward is seeing positive outcomes for our partners. I’m immensely proud of our organization, our reputation and how we have helped clients and employees grow.

All of my partners have been with me for many years and while we will continue to evolve and grow, we remain anchored by our belief that our approach, our consistency, and our commitment to our niches will continue to allow us to keep our clientele ahead of the curve.

Managing Director

Hope Banga Mugyenyi

From my early years I have been passionate about all things business and people, after graduating from University, I met my husband who was surprisingly passionate about the same things. We got married and I embarked on my career in Education while pursuing my Masters in Administration. However we often wondered how to blend our two passions people and business.

I started Rhino Investments Ltd with a small team. The idea of Together. Outperforming. Is a perfect marriage of our cultural bedrock in terms of how we share and work together.

As the managing director I play a leadership role in Rhino Investments and work on a daily basis to ensure that the culture and values of the company are upheld. My actions are both outward to the business and inward to the organization. I mentor my team on the importance of doing the hard work up front and finding creative solutions for the challenges of each transaction, large or small. Accountability and being candid are business basics.

After 25 years we are one of the biggest real estate Developers in the country and have expanded into different niches.